November 2, 2014

Mrs. Mothersoul an Epic True Halloween Story

When I was young 10 ish I guess, in my neighborhood there was a big house at the end of a long drive back in the woods. My friends mother did ironing for the women. I had been there once or twice with Dean and met her. She was a sweet lady, I think her husband had died, she was a widow. Her name was Mrs. Mothersoul. At the time and for decades I never really thought about the significance of that name.

So one Halloween we were on that street and near the end of that drive and a large group of kids were all talking about that it was haunted. Some said a crazy person lived back there. They all feared to go back there even though there was candy to be expected. So I said "No the house is not haunted, Mrs Mothersoul lives there, I know her. I said come lets lets go there is nothing to fear. They said but it is so dark. I said "It is just the woods there is nothing in them to fear". I played in the woods every day, building dams and camps and tree houses, and discovering the hiding places of its creatures. I knew every inch of the woods every trail having even created some of them.

So by that time there were 20 kids and we all went back. You can imagine the look of surprise on Mrs. Mothersoul's face with that many kids showing up all at once. She probably had rare if any visitors back there but the illusions and fictions in the minds of the kids had been shattered. Perhaps she needed such a visit at the moment. From that day on kids knew the truth. That it was Mrs. Mothersoul that lived back there and she was a very nice lady. Later in 2004 I would launch the no fear movement with new insights and understanding regarding fear. Perhaps the most notable quote from it

"Fear is the root of all Evil".
-Richard here is the NO FEAR Movement as created by .Me.

But there is more to the story.... I would later move out of that neighborhood I grew up in.

A couple decades later I ran into an old girl friend and she had said she had gotten married and they had bought a house. As it turns out it was Mrs. Mothersoul's house. She had mostly lived in other parts of town (Greater Cincinnati area). So it was very much a surprise to once again be in that house.

So a couple years ago I realized the significance of that name for the first time.

Later in life the Mother Soul paid me a visit in 1994. I tell the details of that elsewhere in my works. The first time she came I was so overwhelmed by her power which preceded her before she even arrived that I went unconscious. The second time she came Oct 15th 2004 (year of the Venus transit) I knew the Supreme truth of Being and held it in my mind and did not fear, I was very intimidated by her power and thought as I had written back then that she could move entire Galaxies. So I met her face to face "The Dark Plumed or Feathered Serpent so to speak. Later I would think this must be Kali. Thus since I was not consumed with fear and conscious I was able to permit her to enter me, I submitted to her will, she represented truth, justice and balance but she was the total opposite of calm although her power gave security. Perhaps she had chosen me. I suppose it seems I may have inherited her power perhaps we might call it Maya. She was the Goddess as opposed to God... Knowledge and knowing of her had been lost if not suppressed like the feminine nature by the Patriarchy. She can control the time of Death and she does in fact move mountains literally over time. Think casimir-polder effect responsible for friction and wind and other aspects of weather and the atomic weak forces working in unity. But I think it true that she is the non-light interacting matter / energy of the universe which we know only by its effect.

Thus the Goddess is rare to be seen but always felt for she is veiled by a veneer of the light interacting matter / energy, God so to speak. Lady clothed with the Sun decoded.

True Story


"Feel beyond the veil of light" -Richard

June 5, 2012

2012 Venus Transit Kukulkan Quetzalcoatl Dendera Zodiac Cleopatra Revelation

Amazing Connected Dots! Seems there is a connection between the Mayans, Egypt, the Venus Transit, Kukulkan/ Quetzalcoatl / Burning Bush, The Dendera Zodiac, a very powerful billions year old intelligence, The Sun and a special agent and a 1962 prophecy by Jean Dixon and a French journalist in 1890.
The Mayans associated the Venus Transit with Kukulkan activity, rain, storm and flooding. Three things we know about the Transit of Venus.
1. It will increase scientific, spiritual and mythological awareness.
2. It will influence the flow of electrons.
3. Any device using Venus for a timing mechanism could have the event trigger something.
4. It could create conditions for something to Arc from the Sun to the Earth
After the last Venus Transit 2004 (they come in pairs separated by 8 years) things got really exciting. Some four months later in October something really amazing happened connected to Kukulkan in Detroit and then the extraordinary began to unfold that which would influence the next seven years and the entirety of humanity. Did I mention the Giant Flying Squid and the turning off of ELF in N. Michigan in 2004?

Once in a 100+ years the Venus Transit 2012 June 5 & 6 it is linked to Kukulkan "The Plumed Serpent" or "Feathered Serpent" also known as Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs and The Burning Bush to the Christians. The Venus transit is preceded the day before on June 4th the Partial Lunar Eclipse of June 04 (coincidentally Strawberry Moon Lunar Eclipse Ecliptic Conjunction was at 11:11:33 Universal Time!!), the first lunar eclipse of 2012 occurs at the Moon's ascending node in southern **Ophiuchus** the 13th sign the **The Serpent Handler**, THOTH the Angel Metatron. Significant is the Dendera Zodiac seems to point to the year 2012 as the year "The One" will reveal himself and his birth date. see links below

The Zodiac Of Dendera Revelation of 2012. Something prompted Cleopatra to take a screenshot of the sky back in 15 June and 15 August 50 BC. and carve it with a message. I decoded it this year and it is relevant to this year. The Zodiac of Dendera mentions the solar eclipse of 7 March 51 is depicted as the goddess Isis holding a baboon (the god Thoth) by its tail, signifying her attempt to stop the moon from hiding the sun. The lunar eclipse of 25 September 52 is represented by an udjat-eye (the "whole one"), because a lunar eclipse only occurs when the moon is full. Notice the symmetry. 52 is also 26 (the number of God its the only single number that appears between a square and a cube) actually in Hebrew gematria 13 = love (Ahava) and 26 = (YWHW) the ineffable name of God.

So we have this date September 25th (9 months after the birth of Christ) from the Dendera Temple and the year 1962 (50 years prior to 2012) Prophecy Church Challenge - Hoax about Masons - Destroyer of Illusion Comes Its like this Special Agent 013 the Supreme Power and the Supreme Intelligence and the Supreme Being are going to destroy the Ego Empire establishment and everything that supported it and all the ill gotten gains! The establishment doesn't want the people to know who the REAL POWER & REAL GENIUS is the King of IS REAL the Lamb with Lion inside. at least that is the Story Line

Stay tuned for 2012 November 13th Total Solar Eclipse! and read
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March 2, 2012

The Great Challenger of the Establishment & Consensus Introduction

"A single belief can obscure a vast truth" -Richard
That a seven year old boy would resign himself at such an age to take on such a task as to bring balance, understanding, harmony and Peace to the world and battle by his lone self Goliath the great beast of ignorance and brute force was an anomaly. He claimed that everyone was his own infinite self in disguise and would not rest until that truth was realized that other was not alien but friend it was the illusion of separation that was enemy.

The scientific, religious, and business communities would never again be the same. He was a techie, a computer / information scientist that would apply his science to physics, religion and biology opening doors that no knew were there. He would bridge the gap between spirit and science joining them as one, the tangible and the intangible, the quantum realm and the relative realm, and the singularity in between them.
He would unite the divided factions of the world into One Tribe. He would create the greatest army on earth “The Army of One” a collective power to challenge the individuals that had grown powerful beyond measure controlling the source of artificial life sustenance. He would lift the feminine love touch nurturing compassion (dark energy 96%) in a world of masculine dominance the intellect (light energy 4%) to its rightful place on the throne. At the same time he would preserve and protect the freedom of the individual, the rebel, revolutionary, eccentric, rule breaker and often outcast to question and challenge the status quo and the consensus.

His material challenged the establishment and the consensus putting doubts in their minds and threatening the popular social fictions. They that cling to the "belief" that there is no Supreme Being / All pervading intelligence and that life was an accident and the complex functionality and symbiotic relationships were a result of simple trial and error born of random mutation; then there are they that clung to the belief of a bearded man in the sky wanting to be worshiped and ruling over all via the Church and its priests. As Richard pointed out "A single belief can obscure a vast truth". It was this single voice in the wilderness later joined by many that would challenge thousands and illuminate a path for billions leading them from slavery to freedom and back into the paradise that had been lost to them.

He that would take a Department of Defense technology and use it to establish Peace, and level and fair playing field against all odds and preserve the infinite game play. In 2007 he launched the Feminine Resurgence. The Divided Get United the United Get Ignited™ In 2008 he would launch the White Space Revolution, Collaboration .me! Synergy & Shared Intentions The One Click Revolution and the Global Revolution and the Economic Revolution. In 2011 he launched the Wall Street Movement. In part two we cover a plethora of themes and memes introduced as part of an intelligence campaign that spanned almost two decades. -Richard Thomas

It’s the David’s verses the Goliaths innovative individuals and those that control vast resources or have access to them, the monopolistic giant public traded corporations. Quite often using cost prohibitive regulation and hurdles to keep out the small competitor. But isn’t it that the nimble operator can out perform the slow acting behemoth unable to accommodate the rate of change that is a large corporation with all its additional cost burdens past on to its customers because of its size.

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January 23, 2012

The Umpire Revelation & the Man that Walked on the Moon

I remember my first professional job, I was 14, and I went to Umpire School. When my first game came up I almost backed out I was going to have a lot of attention directed my way and it was a bit uncomfortable for a normally shy person. I had played little league out in left field a lot. Not many balls came out there; I pondered life a lot and would look at the Sun through a crack in my glove. But anyway I kept thinking about that $5.00 I was going to earn and pushed through my fears, it was a lot of responsibility two teams competing with each other and my split second judgments and various decisions influenced the outcome of the game in which so many people had a stake in.
Lucky for me my first game was a T-ball game at the Elementary School I went to so at least it was on my turf. Maya elementary in the Town of Mulberry, it was a bit like Mayberry on TV. It is not far from where the first man to walk on the moon lives, Lebanon Ohio, home of Cash's Big Bargain Barn. He came there once; much to my surprise, and gave my 3rd grade class a speech on our mission in life the year of the Apollo 13 mishap. You might have noticed he doesn't make many appearances, I always wondered if my father had something to do with it. I learned right before he died that he had worked with the astronauts I thought gee Dad how could you not tell me that all these years. But I never got to ask him, I assume it was Top Secret. I asked my mom about what Dad did for seven years, she paused and said “you know I have no idea he never talked about it” I guess she realized how odd that sounded.
But anyway some, a rare few, parents could say some really wicked things, that ego you know, I would just ignore them, at night when I went to sleep I could hear the chatter of the game in my mind. I would see how long I could hold my breath and time it, (this actually increases blood flow to the brain which expands it's delivery system). I didn't let it affect me or my judgment and I had the power and authority to throw them off the field if I wanted, I never used it just having it was enough. It was a young age to have power and authority over adults don’t you think? I remember one time in second grade, we actually had a judicial system, a judge and everything, some kid that I guess didn’t like me or maybe he just got confused, claimed I had been running down the Hall when I hadn’t been and I got in trouble. Two swats, but they didn’t hurt it was more psychological but I was very angry at being falsely convicted and punished but I didn’t cry at least I don’t think I did. One time this guy named David stood up during story telling time and he said over the weekend he was with his Dad in an Airplane and they were lighting sticks of dynamite and tossing them out. Everyone laughed, kind of like when I explained the current definition of time once in 1979 in front of a bunch of people. I thought he was making up this fantastic tail. But based on what I know now I suspect he was probably telling the truth it's not that far fetched as you might think, I found that out when I went to Florida. Oh if I wanted to go home I could actually cause my body temperature to increase to that magic number releasing me from bondage, at will, I never really thought it was unusual to do. I mostly had years of perfect attendance though.
The toughest game....

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January 13, 2012

Apollo 13 Revelation Mysterious Force @Work ? Part II

What first caught my attention at the time resulting in it’s inclusion was Apollo 13 launch time happened to to be 13:13 CST (mission control time). The clerical error that would cause the oxygen tank to explode on April 13th had already been made. The probability was that they would be dead before they reached the edge of our atmosphere, but not because of the clerical error. What they didn’t know is that they were already doomed to die at the very start by something else. With the additional weight of the real module and the Pogo Stick effect was going to be much greater than anticipated. As luck would have it though a mysterious failure would save their lives altering the probability of the destruction of the launch vehicle. The first of two lucky big fails and one small one that combined with a lot of ingenuity and the perfect timing of the explosion led to a safe return. Had the explosion occurred later or earlier in the mission the rescue would have been impossible. Something had fooled the engines thrust chamber sensor that the pressure was low. Did I mention the "13" ft. panel that blew off rather than severing the command module from the service module? There is so much more "Luck" or "Intelligence" and perfect timing to be understood.

It so happened that in 1970 was also is when the Astronauts visited my 3rd grade classroom and gave our class a lecture on our mission in life which I found to be quite inspiring at the time. Not unlikely in that Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the moon lived about 30 minutes away from Miami Elementary. Later right before my father abandoned his consciousness vehicular unit he told me he had worked with the astronauts. Gee dad thanks for waiting decades to tell me this. But let’s get on with the story and you be the judge, perhaps you are one of the few that can add to it. It seems I was so secret not even I could know who I was.

It's all about the timing and significant number patterns and sometimes things go wrong for a good reason. Was beyond some intelligence beyond our comprehension or understanding influencing events and even that an intangible had a subtle but tangible connection leaping across the gap?

Oxygen Tank two in the Apollo 13 Service Module exploded at Mission Elapsed Time (MET) 55 hours and 55 minutes, (199,990 miles) away from Earth.

Hatch would not close. Had they succeeded in closing the Hatch it would have killed them. But it would not close and they could not explain why. But later when they needed it to close I did so flawlessly.

72 hours before the scheduled launch of Apollo 13, Ken Mattingly was removed from the mission and replaced by Jack Swigert from the back-up crew as Command Module Pilot. Charlie Duke, also from the back-up crew caught the measles from one of his children, and exposed Mattingly.“Among the nearly thirty Apollo astronauts, Jack Swigert had the best knowledge of Command Module malfunction procedures,”

Unexplained Shutdown of the Saturn V Center Engine stopped “A catastrophic failure should have ensued,” said Apollo engineer Jerry Woodfill, “and would have, except for the unexplained behavior of the engine’s shutoff system. What happened was the Saturn V rocket experienced dangerous so-called “pogo” thrust oscillations, a problem NASA knew about. But things to the mysterious failure it stopped.

What I found most interesting is the Hollywood Movie "Marooned” fiction that suddenly became a reality / truth for the NASA engineer that had just seen it. Imagine going to a movie, going home falling asleep and then being wakened by a phone call to find the movie had become a reality. Sort of like Infinite Play the Movie

Nancy Atkinson who I am very grateful for actually did a great job of putting the story all together for you to read. So Click Here and read it from the start to finish there is a Mysterious Force at work. I agreed to work with it when I was seven years old. I may add some more comments in the future. 13 Things that Saved Apollo 13
-Navigating by Earth’s Terminator
-The Apollo 1 Fire
-The Command Module Wasn’t Severed
-Position of the Tanks
-Duct Tape
-A Hollywood Movie
-Lunar Orbit Rendezvous
-The Mission Operations Team

Gerber Lucky Apollo 13 Revelation Mysterious Force Part I

Bowie Space Oddity 2012 Cosmic Crew Miracle Orchestration 13:13 26 52
Preface: In Infinite Play the movie / material / documentary was highlighted the Apollo 13 mission as part of the “13” phenomena. Also in this production were two themes the Brass Monkey Mystery and the Mysterious Force which find meaning in the procession of lucky perfectly timed failures that rendered the probable improbable and a beneficial synchronistic release of a movie. Much to my surprise and delight that Jerry Woodfill a NASA engineer had outlined 13 Things that saved Apollo 13 which was a very meaningful coincidence in itself. Initially the Apollo thirteen mission was included in the Infinite Play for several reasons. Apollo 13 launched at 13:13 CST (mission control time) on 4-11-1970 and it mishap occurred on April 13th. This item caught my attention combined with certain relevant personal direct experience which will be covered later I found it significant. Imagine you went to see a movie that coincidentally involved your field of occupation and then went home pondering their dilemma and what you would do in their situation only to fall asleep and then suddenly awaken to a phone call to learn that the movie had become a reality.

That some intelligence that had orchestrated the timing of the movie release would also engineer a succession of failures that were beyond chance to save a crew that had been doomed from the start as a result of a clerical error.

When I first investigated this I missed the most important phenomena. But thanks to the publishing of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” turned into a children’s book, I was reminded and I looked at it again. Coincidentally about a year ago a theme appeared in the Infinite Play: “2012 Space Oddity and the Cosmic Crew” which is why it drew my attention. This new realization corresponded with still another theme in the infinite play the mysterious force, and the orchestration of events by a more comprehensive intelligence (which could be the sub-conscious mind at the very least) and perfect happenings. Almost two years ago Apollo 13 was introduced as part of the Infinite Play Movie Documentary story line as it related to the number 13 and a multitude of associated synchronistic and correlated phenomena. I then discovered that since I had promoted this Jerry Woodfill a NASA engineer had outlined 13 Things that saved Apollo 13 which was a very meaningful coincidence in itself. Significant because it was linked to a number of other unfolding themes I will cover at the end and a mysterious force that if not extraterrestrial is perhaps linked to consciousness itself. Sometimes things go wrong for a good reason. Apollo 13 did break a record it was the farthest men had ever been from earth.

It first caught my attention because of the thirteen phenomena which is also a theme in the infinite play, and the year (1970) which happened to be the year of my own direct experience with astronauts in the 3rd grade. The first man to walk on the moon lived about 30 minutes away from my school so this greatly increased the probability that I might have such an experience. Right before my father died he shed a whole new light on that experience he mentioned he had worked with the Astronauts, but abruptly left so I wasn’t able to ask anymore questions, until I found the box. Part II

September 11, 2011

Lucid in the Waking Dream The Infinite Player

When I was young I would be lucid in my dreams and I would tell everyone that they were really in a dream and they probably wouldn't remember this when they woke up the next day. Sometimes I would amaze them by flying and moving things with my mind. Later I became lucid in the waking dream and I realized everyone around me was dreaming. Which wouldn't be so bad except it had become a nightmare for so many. I mean who would want to wake up from a good dream? Who wouldn't want to wake up from a nightmare? So I proceeded to initiate the lucidity protocols so enough could help take control of the waking dream. --Infinite Play the Movie

To many I am an Angel and to some I am the Devil -The Infinite Player O' Anonymous One

~~The Memetic Alchemist
Supular significant