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2012 Venus Transit Kukulkan Quetzalcoatl Dendera Zodiac Cleopatra Revelation

Amazing Connected Dots! Seems there is a connection between the Mayans, Egypt, the Venus Transit, Kukulkan/ Quetzalcoatl / Burning Bush, The Dendera Zodiac, a very powerful billions year old intelligence, The Sun and a special agent and a 1962 prophecy by Jean Dixon and a French journalist in 1890.
The Mayans associated the Venus Transit with Kukulkan activity, rain, storm and flooding. Three things we know about the Transit of Venus.
1. It will increase scientific, spiritual and mythological awareness.
2. It will influence the flow of electrons.
3. Any device using Venus for a timing mechanism could have the event trigger something.
4. It could create conditions for something to Arc from the Sun to the Earth
After the last Venus Transit 2004 (they come in pairs separated by 8 years) things got really exciting. Some four months later in October something really amazing happened connected to Kukulkan in Detroit and then the extraordinary began to unfold that which would influence the next seven years and the entirety of humanity. Did I mention the Giant Flying Squid and the turning off of ELF in N. Michigan in 2004?

Once in a 100+ years the Venus Transit 2012 June 5 & 6 it is linked to Kukulkan "The Plumed Serpent" or "Feathered Serpent" also known as Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs and The Burning Bush to the Christians. The Venus transit is preceded the day before on June 4th the Partial Lunar Eclipse of June 04 (coincidentally Strawberry Moon Lunar Eclipse Ecliptic Conjunction was at 11:11:33 Universal Time!!), the first lunar eclipse of 2012 occurs at the Moon's ascending node in southern **Ophiuchus** the 13th sign the **The Serpent Handler**, THOTH the Angel Metatron. Significant is the Dendera Zodiac seems to point to the year 2012 as the year "The One" will reveal himself and his birth date. see links below

The Zodiac Of Dendera Revelation of 2012. Something prompted Cleopatra to take a screenshot of the sky back in 15 June and 15 August 50 BC. and carve it with a message. I decoded it this year and it is relevant to this year. The Zodiac of Dendera mentions the solar eclipse of 7 March 51 is depicted as the goddess Isis holding a baboon (the god Thoth) by its tail, signifying her attempt to stop the moon from hiding the sun. The lunar eclipse of 25 September 52 is represented by an udjat-eye (the "whole one"), because a lunar eclipse only occurs when the moon is full. Notice the symmetry. 52 is also 26 (the number of God its the only single number that appears between a square and a cube) actually in Hebrew gematria 13 = love (Ahava) and 26 = (YWHW) the ineffable name of God.

So we have this date September 25th (9 months after the birth of Christ) from the Dendera Temple and the year 1962 (50 years prior to 2012) Prophecy Church Challenge - Hoax about Masons - Destroyer of Illusion Comes Its like this Special Agent 013 the Supreme Power and the Supreme Intelligence and the Supreme Being are going to destroy the Ego Empire establishment and everything that supported it and all the ill gotten gains! The establishment doesn't want the people to know who the REAL POWER & REAL GENIUS is the King of IS REAL the Lamb with Lion inside. at least that is the Story Line

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Hi Richard, I love your sharing, work, and writings, thank you. On the 5th of March this month I encountered a mass advancement in personal consciousness. It is vital that you hear what it is I brought back from this discovery on the morning of the 6th. Please email me at caliwebman@gmail.com or look me up on facebook as Cali Webman, and I will be sure to share with you.

Love and Light,

Scott Bruno

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