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Occupy Wall Street What is it really about? Revolution 9 Revelation

FYI Media: Occupy wall street is not leaderless it has thousands. As noted in the original blog post from March. There is no central leader that can be crucified, or that might limit the movement : ). They who do not understand the notion of decentralized power yet. Protesters: Be wary of the establishment trying to install one for you. As for what is it protesting at the highest level, perhaps?

The creation of appearances or complexity that hide the reality, in other words DECEPTION. That and an unnatural system of things and the resulting extreme imbalance and disparity. GREED

One is protesting a small number of individuals with deficiencies and fallibility limited by their finite capacity wielding too much influence over the lives of others to their detriment. This applies to the board & executive management of corporations and individuals in government the public sector. The centralization and concentration of power creating an unnatural balance and the ability to distort a natural system and cause others to go against their true nature as a result of the threat of the loss of life sustenance or guaranteed access to it / security where fear rules over the simple desire to create and service others for mutual benefit.

"Better than a free market is a natural market" -CoinAge.me

Revolution 9 Revelation Number 9 Number 9 Number 9

Free Shipping Not!

Shrinking Ice Cream Containers

Profit beneficial & detrimental

Read: Illusions

Best Wishes,
for all the @Agents that are @Revolting watch for the @Signals and the signs, use your intuition, follow your natural impulse it comes from love not fear. For disclosure @UFO & @Sightings watch A World Stage for Revelations


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